Our Mission

2ft Prosthetics helps restore dignity and self-confidence to amputees in developing countries through the production and distribution of a quality and affordable below-the-knee prosthesis.

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The Need


Amputees are in need around the world. Find out why they need our help >

The need for affordable prosthetic legs in developing countries is great. The recent earthquake in Haiti has led to over 4,000 new amputees, according to this article on PBS. The situation is even more critical in Cambodia, where 1 out of every 236 Cambodians is an amputee. High-tech prosthetic devices are available, but they are very expensive and therefore unaffordable for many people who need them.

The Solution


$25 can help someone walk again. Find out how >

The prosthetic leg that our team has designed is a simple design made of PVC. The total material cost for the device is under $25. All materials for this component are available locally. The skills required to manufacture and fit this PVC leg component are simple and are being taught to local citizens.

How To Help



$25 gave Victor the ability to play soccer again. Others can benefit from
your donation.

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We are starting a new clinical trial of our prosthetic leg. We welcome BK amputees for any suggestions, comments, or advice on our design. We are also looking for prosthetists to help with training.

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Are you interested in improving conditions in developing nations? Partner with us to help set up clinics and provide prosthetic legs to those in need.

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