2FT Prosthetics

2ft Prosthetics helps restore dignity and self-reliance to amputees in developing countries through the production and distribution of a quality and affordable below-the-knee prosthesis.


Our Team

2ft Prosthetics originated as a group of BYU and UVU students interested in using their technical skills to benefit others around the world. Our team of passionate engineers and business advisors is interested in training local citizens to produce prosthetic devices as a means of encouraging self-reliance through job creation.


Since its inception, 2ft Prosthetics has achieved a number of recognizable milestones:

Our Partners

2ft Prosthetics is always looking for certified prosthetists and other organizations willing to partner to help resolve the growing number of amputees throughout the world. Our partnerships are what allow us to expand our horizon to bless the lives of more amputees throughout the world. We have partnerships currently with the following organizations: